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About Us

PRE Check provides convenient, secure, and efficient Background Screening Solutions.  


PRE Check offers background screening solutions. Our resources are the best in the industry and we have helped many companies and individuals perform background checks in all industry sectors.

PRE Check is a division of The Investigators Group Inc., a private investigations and security services firm established in 1995.   Through our partnership with The Investigators Group, PRE Check can provide more than just background checks - we provide Background Screening Solutions

Our goal is to help our clients protect their assets, reduce risk, to avoid employing fraudulent and otherwise unsuitable candidates and to help clients identify unsuitable relationships.  At PRE Check, customer satisfaction is our goal and priority.

Simple, Flexible and Convenient
Background Screening Solutions

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PRE Check complies with applicable laws and is an authorized Consumer Reporting Agency
licensed with the Ministry of Consumer Services under the Consumer Reporting Act.